Consultation For NETIS Registration

Full-support Consultation For NETIS Registration

We can help you to promote your cutting-edge technology in Japan. 

What's Good About Our Consultation Service?

  Lots of Experience on NETIS Registration
To successfully register your technology to NETIS, you should analyze your technology precisely and describe attractiveness of your technology.  We have lots of experience on NETIS registration and we have know-how on this area.  You can reduce risks that you fail to register your technology if you begin consulting us before you start your registration process.
   Precise Documentation By Experienced Specialists
NETIS registration form is a "proposal" to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).  Mr. Indou (the founder of Finetech Offices Of Law) has long experience in a Japanese administrative agency.  His experience enables to make a sophisticated proposal sheet to MLIT.
  Proposition Of Suitable Evaluation Method
Only new technologies are applicable to NETIS.  This means that, in some cases, JIS evaluation method is not enough to validate the technology.  Finetech Offices Of Law can suggest suitable evaluation methods that can help to promote clients' technologies.  Clients can reduce workload thanks to this suggestion and support.
  Full-Support For NETIS Registration- From R&D To Evaluation After the Registration

We are a very unique law office that offer NETIS consultation service.  Law office is an certified agency which can submit documents to administrative agencies in place of clients.  We cooperate with NikkoInnovatia Co., Ltd. to provide sophisticated consultation.  Based on this thorough consultation, we submit documentation and discuss with administrative agencies in place of clients.  Our clients will not be bothered by confusing document writing or time-consuming discussion with administrative agencies.

Our Accomplishments on NETIS Registration

   Finetech Offices of Law has many experience on NETIS registration.  See the followings to check our accomplishments.

NETIS Registration No.: KT-180022-A

Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.



Restraint of Concrete Temperature Increase


NETIS Registration No.: TH-170015-A



Novelty Improvement Of Corrosion Resistance In Drain Pipe For Bridge

NETIS Registration No.: KK-180009-A




Portability of Transportable Liquid Concrete


NETIS Registration No.: KT-180053-A



Novelty Improvement Of Propellability In Gravel Ground And Improvement Of Collectability




NETIS Registration No.: KT-190013-A





Improvement In Accuracy of Soil Survey


NETIS Registraion No.: CB-180022-A

Client Central Nippon Highway Mentenance Nagoya Co., Ltd.

Higher Safety Achieved By Usage Of Transmitter



NETIS Registration No.: KT-190086-A

Gifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.


Novelty Adoption of Noise Reduction Panel Based On Helmholtz Resonance

What's NETIS?

  NETIS is a database authorized by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).  The database aims to share cutting-edge technologies used for public works with private sector.  NETIS is useful to penetrate new technologies into Japanese infrastructure market because it is used for proposal, application and evaluation of new technologies in the area of public works.


 Material suppliers, contractors and engineering consultants in Japan use NETIS to promote their technologies.  Municipal authorities also refer to NETIS for local public works.  NETIS is very important for infrastructure sector to promote new technologies.


 Registered technology will be publicized for 5 years from next FY of the registration.  This publication period can be extended maximum to 10 years by getting a good evaluation during first 5 years.  Following fig. shows the outline of publication period.   Extension of the publication period will also contribute to higher reliability of the technology. 

Publication Period Of NETIS Registered Technology

Merits to Register For NETIS

1. Good effect on promotion and reliability

  Registration for NETIS database means that the technology is evaluated publicly as reliable one.


  Registered technologies will be publicized on NETIS database.  Evaluation of the technology also can be registered.  If you are planning to participate in a trade show or an exhibition, to be on NETIS database will be of great help for promotion.  A turnover of NETIS registered product of our client has increased after the NETIS registration.  Following shows its sales history.

Sales Overview Of Our Client

2. Superiority In Bid For Public Works And Advantage In Evaluation After The Work

 NETIS-registered technologies bring some merits: superiority in bid for public works and advantage in evaluation after the work.  Moreover, if your technology is used in a public work, the constructor may disclose the evaluation of your technology.  This evaluation can help promotion of your technology.  

Key Points Of Procedure To Register For NETIS

 A staff at MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) says it takes around 200 days on average to complete the registration procedure.  In fact, register to NETIS is a time-consuming work.  The most time-consuming work during the registration procedure lays in making the application documents which are very complexed.


 In Form-2, you must abstract your technology which must be compared to conventional technology in Form-4.  You should discuss with MLIT on the novelty of your technology and decision of "the conventional technology".  This discussion may take long time and you need to have deep and specific discussion with MLIT many times.


 We can support you to register your technology to NETIS smoothly.  Our consultation can lead your technology to prompt register to NETIS and better evaluation after the registration.

Outline Of Our Service

 Registration to NETIS can enhance the reliability of your technology because only technologies which are authorized will be on NETIS.  Therefore, the application form of NETIS should be considered as promotion sheets to MLIT.  If the description on the application form is attractive, it may contribute not only to the registration procedure, but also to excellent evaluation after the registration.  Finetech Offices Of Law is an experienced office in this area and has know-how to make promotive documents.

1. Support for R&D

Lots of  Enterprises take patent and utility model right into consideration when developing new technologies.  While "idea" is important in patent application, verification of "feasibility" is  necessary in NETIS application.  Therefore, some patent holders fail to register for NETIS.


Finetech Offices Of Law can support you to develop a new technology which is suitable to apply for NETIS.  Our advice on verification method will bring you a bright future.

2. screening before netis application

We give consultation service to would-be NETIS applicants.  Our screening service can evaluate your technology whether it is suitable for NETIS registration.   After the screening, we will give advice on verification method and improvable points.

3. documentation of application form

Finetech makes NETIS application documents on behalf of its clients.  We fill every application form- including Form-2 in which applicants need to outline the technology, Form-4 in which a new technology and a conventional one should be compared and Form-3 which is labor-intensive.  Finetech Offices Of Law is certified to submit application documents to MLIT on behalf of applicants.  

Contact Us

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NETIS Consultation For Overseas Technologies

We help overseas technologies to introduce into Japanese infrastructure market.  NETIS is one of a very useful tools to approach Japanese market.


Different from PCT application of international patent, only enterprises which have branch or office in Japan are eligible for NETIS application.


Our consultation service for overseas technologies includes:

- translation of technical documents and

- translation of Agreement on NETIS Implementation.